Piazza Pet of the Week

Mike Piazza Honda, as part of the Piazza Auto Group, is teaming up with the PSPCA in an effort to help cats and dogs get adopted.  Together we present you with the Piazza Pet of the Week! Every Wednesday at 7:50 am the Chris Stigall Show on 1210-AM WPHT features an animal available for adoption.

Remember that the PSPCA is available to answer any questions regarding pet care, training and adoption. Please visit their website for more information!


Check out Vernon in the video below!

 Vernon - Adopted!!
Vernon is a two year old Chihuahua Mix. Vernon was pulled from another shelter to the PSPCA. He is super sweet and snuggly. Vernon doesn't mind being picked up either. He is a candidate for ANY home! Come meet him today at the PSPCA!
Chilli is a six month old gray and white domestic short hair cat. She is super friendly, cuddly, and playful. Chilli was rescued along with ten other cats from a shelter impacted by Hurricane Florence. Stop by the PSPCA to meet Chilli!
Karma is a five year old Bulldog/Pittie Mix. Karma was rescued by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team recently.  Karma is super sweet and she has a lot of energy too! Karma loves her people, and she is approved for ANY home! Come meet this sweet girl today!
Peppa is a three year old Labrador Retriever Mix. She is wonderfully affectionate and loving. Peppa has been at the PSPCA for three months because she does not show well in her kennel. Her favorite past time is spending time with people and chasing tennis balls. Best of all, she walks loosely on a leash and loves to walk by your side.
 Kaya - Adopted!!
Kaya is a two year old Pittie Mix. She was pulled from ACCT in August and is more than ready to find her forever family! Kaya is gentle with treats, knows "sit", and walks well on her leash! Kaya is the sweetest and she deserves an awesome family! Come meet her today!
 Zeus - Adopted!!
Zeus is a 4 month old Pittie Puppy. He was rescued by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team. He was suffering from puppy strangles when he arrived, but has since made a full recovery. You can meet him at Puppapalooza this Thursday, August 30th at Morgan's Pier!
 Leila - Adopted!!
Leila is a happy two year old Pittie Mix. This sweet girl has only one eye due to her right eye suffering irreparable damage from an unknown cause. Leila had surgery to close a gaping head wound as well. Even with all of these hardships, she is still a loving and happy girl! Leila is excited to meet her forever family! Stop by the PSPCA to meet her!
 Ace - Adopted!!
Ace is the sweetest five year old Chihuahua Mix. He was rescued by the PSPCA's Humane Law Enforcement Team. Ace has a few medical challenges. He has a grade 3/6 heart murmur and an ocular ulcer that will require eye drops. Other than that, he is a great candidate for any home! Ace cannot wait to meet you!
 Delilah - Adopted!!
Delilah is a two month old short hair kitten. She is so playful and energetic! Delilah is tolerant of cuddles and being picked up too! She is a special kitten. Her eyelids are slightly abnormal and may require surgery or eye drops for life as she matures. You can meet this sweet kitten at the PSPCA today!


Piazza Pet of the Week Adoption Update
The Piazza Pet of the Week is officially a success!! With over one hundred and fifity pets placed in new homes, we wanted to thank all those who made this possible! Here are just a few of the cats and dogs who have been adopted through the program. To read a few stories of Piazza Pet owners, visit the Piazza Pet page.

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