The crossover made its appearance on the car market just a few years ago. It's become a term used for compact SUVs, tall wagons, and even stylish minivans. This popular vehicle brings comfort back to the mix. Why buy one?

Style is one reason to buy a crossover. Compared to the larger, boxy SUVs, crossovers have a fresh modern look that catches the eye. They also bring better fuel economy without compromising on power and handling. The price is a major factor when it comes to choosing a crossover over an SUV. Many have a price tag comparable with sedans.

Due to the popularity of crossovers, manufacturers offer plenty of options and upgrades. Whether you want all-wheel drive or upgraded electronics, you can find it. For those who need extra seating, a third row is available with many crossover models. Check out the crossovers available here at Mike Piazza Honda.


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