Two Tips To Make Driving In Severe Winter Weather Infinitely Easier

Many Langhorne drivers deal with a lot of anxiety when temperatures drop and ice and snow start coating the roads. At Mike Piazza Honda, we're excited to share two strategies for making winter driving much easier. With these tips, you can maintain good traction and control, for seamless journeys and assured safety.

Keep Your Speed To A Minimum

There's no need to rush with winter driving. When the roads are icy, your stopping distance will invariably increase. Accelerate and decelerate slowly, and add approximately six seconds to your normal following distance.

Don't Try To Power Your Vehicle Up Hills

​Applying extra gas on a steep, snowy hill will only make your vehicle's wheels spin. As such, you should build your inertia before climbing the hill and then let this same inertia bring you to the crest. To access more safe winter driving tips, or to schedule a test drive in a rugged, all-weather vehicle, stop by Mike Piazza Honda today.


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