The stylish, peppy, and durable midsize SUV named the 2019 Honda Passport enjoys widespread popularity for many reasons. Not least of these are its responsive, stable suspension system and its well-stocked motor.

The 2019 Honda Passport performs well on city streets, but it also has a special affinity for off-road vistas. To this end, it includes specialized features that allow it to survive and thrive in tough terrain. An example of such a feature is the standard all-wheel-drive tire set installed on every new Honda Passport. The all-weather tires do strong service for the independent all-wheel suspension that isolates shocks and increases traction.

The 2019 Honda Passport may be a midsize SUV, but it still packs a V-6 motor under the hood. This power plant is capable of producing 280-horsepower while maintaining some levels of fuel efficiency, giving it a longer travel range and more low-end torque.



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