Simple Tips to Protect Your Car from Salt Corrosion

During the winter, salt is used on the roads to help make driving conditions easier. That same salt is damaging your car if you're not taking action. The team at Mike Piazza Honda wanted to share tips to protect your car from corrosion caused by that salt.

Be sure to get to the car wash weekly, regardless the size of the snow storm. Salt is dropped even without snow, to reduce ice on the road. That salt will begin to corrode metal, damage the finish of the paint, and even affect the way the vehicle drives if not cleaned on a regular basis before damage occurs.

Avoid driving into deep snow, because salt in that snow gets pressed into your undercarriage where it remains during colder weather. The colder the temps, the less likely the snow will melt, so that salt stays in contact with moving parts and begins the corrosion process.



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