The piping that makes up your exhaust system is designed to move harmful gases away from your vehicle. This keeps you safe while you're driving. It also helps muffle sound thanks to the attached muffler. Your exhaust can experience leakages because of wear or damage. Let's look at common signs of a leaky exhaust.
  • When the engine is running, you may notice a hissing sound or the sound of something popping. A whistle at the exhaust pipe may also indicate a leaky exhaust.
  • If you notice that your gas mileage is slowly becoming less efficient, a leaking exhaust may be just one of the problems.
  • While driving, you might notice that you can feel a small vibration in your gas pedal or steering wheel. This is because a leak will prevent the pipes from becoming hot enough to dissipate moisture. The built-up moisture will cause rust. The rust will cause vibrations.



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