How to Make a Winter Survival Kit for Your Vehicle

Making a winter survival kit for your vehicle is easy, if you know what essential to bring along. The crew at Mike Piazza Honda wanted to share some helpful tips for putting together the perfect winter survival kit.

Be sure you pack at least one heavy blanket in the kit. In case the car battery dies and you can't get the heat working, huddling together under a blanket until help arrives could fight off any threats of hypothermia.

Pack non-perishable foods in your kit, enough for passengers to eat if they were stranded a few hours in the vehicle. Peanut butter, cookies, raisins, granola bars, or rice cakes, will last all season and can really help in a dangerous situation.

Your winter survival kit should have plenty of tools, and don't forget to toss in a roll of duct tape too. This can help make small repairs quickly, enough to get you to a local service station.



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