The Truck Bed Features Of The Honda Ridgeline

Mike Piazza Honda is the home of a popular pickup truck called the Honda Ridgeline. The Honda Ridgeline is a sporty truck with plenty of payload and towing capacity. The interior is comfortable and convenient. The truck bed on the Honda Ridgeline is versatile with unique features to please.

The tailgate on the Honda Ridgeline opens in two different ways. It folds down like the tailgate on any truck for easy loading and unloading. The tailgate also open wide from the side. This allows you to more easily load the truck with a forklift, and it provides easy access to another feature.

This second truck bed feature is an in-bed trunk. This is an area under the bed where you can store valuables like important tools. This 7.3 cubic feet area has a drain plug, so it can be filled with ice and utilized as a cooler when you are out camping.


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