Our entire team at Mike Piazza Honda want you to get your children to school and back safely. To save time and gas, many parents are choosing to carpool their children. We have some great carpooling supplies and tips to share with you. With the new school year about to start, why not pay us a visit as soon as possible. It’s not too early to get your carpooling schedule together. There are many benefits to carpooling.
• Safety – There is always more safety in numbers.
• Safer driving – The fewer cars on the road, the less chance of traffic jams and accidents.
• Saving time – With one parent driving several children, it allows more time for other parents.
• Saves money – Parents sharing on the fuel costs allows them each to pay less in gas and vehicle wear and tear.
• Bonding – Children get the chance to meet and communicate with other students.

Stop at our Langhorne dealership, choose one of our family-friendly vehicles and test drive one of them.



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