The Function of Vehicle Exhaust Systems

The automotive industry really does know what it is doing by putting exhaust systems and mufflers on vehicles. They know that by doing so, they are protecting the public from various gaseous emissions that can be both harmful to people and the environment. It is important that we heed their advice about having any issues surrounding the exhaust system attended to in a timely manner.

Our team at Mike Piazza Honda would like all their customers to know that they are there ready to service vehicles as needed to bring their exhaust systems back up to industry standards. The exhaust system consists of a number of components. These components include the exhaust manifold, which collects exhaust fumes from the cylinder heads.

These fumes travel through the system as their oxygen content is analyzed, converted and eventually sent through the muffler and out into the atmosphere. As the last bit of exhaust exits the vehicle through the muffler, the noise made by the engine is reduced.

Be sure to stop into our service center at Mike Piazza Honda if your muffler is in need of maintenance.

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