Honda Urban EV Concept Vehicle Debuts


Honda is known for making reliable vehicles at an affordable price, and it continues to offer new car buyers competitively priced vehicles with the features they want and need by keeping its sights on not only the present but also the future. In the spirit of continued progress, Honda has recently released a new concept vehicle, and it's called the Honda Urban EV concept.

Urban EV Concept: Retro Styling Merges With Futuristic Technology

From the Dodge Challenger to the Chevrolet Camaro to the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Honda CR-Z, the new car market has seen many vehicles that either took their nameplate from retired models or were inspired by them. The Honda CR-Z, for instance, took it's styling cues (and name) from the now vintage Honda CR-X hatchback. Honda has used a similar retro strategy with the new Honda Urban EV concept, which looks something like a reimagined version of the first-generation Honda Civic.

The vintage vibe given off by this Honda concept serves as a refreshing break from the many other modern-styled electric and alternative-fuel vehicles on the market. Although it's nice to see new cars like the Hyundai IONIQ, Toyota Prius, and Honda Clarity series of vehicles displaying the latest aerodynamically efficient designs, sometimes, it's nice to see a break from the norm. The Honda Urban EV Concept certainly represents that, with its design and with its features, like an LED display that drivers can use to communicate with passersby or oncoming traffic.

If in fact, this new Honda concept vehicle is any indication of the direction Honda might be headed with the way it styles future new models, it could attract an entirely new demographic of EV buyers. 'Til we know for sure, we must wait and see...

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