Importance of Tire Treads

A tire is as reliable as the treads on the surface. Therefore, it is critical to know your tread depth through measuring to know when to change your tires.

There are several techniques for measuring the tread depth. We measure the depth in inches, and it is essential to know the standard measurement that the tread depth should be. You want to ensure that the tread is safe enough for your daily travels. There are numerous ways to test the tread as well. They include the penny test, quarter test, depth gauge or use of wear indicators.

The grooves made by the treads provide space for water to move, so there is better contact between the road and the tire. It improves grip which helps in better car control and braking. Bald tires are risky because the water film has nowhere to escape. It Increases the possibility of skidding on wet roads and also longer stopping distances which are unsafe if there is traffic or emergency situations ahead.

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