Don't Ignore Your Dashboard Warnings: They Could Be Serious

When you're driving down any road, you shouldn't just pay attention to smells and sounds coming from your vehicle; you should also be mindful of warning lights on your dashboard. Some warning lights are just standard indicators such as letting you know your fuel is low or that your seatbelt isn't on. But others could indicate a major mechanical failure is on the way if you don't fix something.

Basic Dashboard Warning Lights And Signs

These dashboard warning lights are the ones you should be most wary of while driving:
  • Brake: your brakes may not be failed when this comes on, but it usually means they have a problem that will lead to failure if not addressed
  • Oil light: usually means the oil pressure is low and engine problems could be following
  • Check engine: A variety of problems, but could mean your engine is overheating, or your transmission even failing possibly
Our Dealership Checks Your Warning Lights

If any of your warning lights go off including the brake, oil or check engine light, you should bring your vehicle into our garage at Mike Piazza Honda. Our dealership can immediately do tests on your vehicle to find the problems and troubleshoot them. You don't want to deal with even higher repair costs, so as soon as you see a warning light, bring your vehicle to our dealership in Langhorne.
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