What Is Horsepower and Who Invented the Term?

Have you ever watched car commercials and wondered what is horsepower? Many people have. There is a historic story and theory behind the term horsepower, and we are going to break it down.

During the early ages of industrialization, people needed to transport goods and commodities faster and more efficiently. James Watt, the English steam engine inventor of the 18th century was observing the rapid movement of ponies, and based on estimation concluded that a pony completes 22,000 foot-pounds of work per minute. He increased that amount to 33,000 and declared the term horsepower unit.

He used that theory to promote the innovativeness of the first steam engine. How does that relate to cars and trucks? Consider that for each unit of horsepower that your vehicle has, it equals a horse pulling 33 pounds per minute.

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