Traditional or winter wiper blades, which is better?

When replacing your windshield wipers this winter season, you might want to consider buying the winter wiper blades instead of traditional wiper blades. In the cold, snowy months of winter, traditional winter blades can become a danger to you and those around you for many reasons.

Traditional wiper blades crack and tear - The extreme cold of winter causes the rubber on traditional blades to crack and tear leaving you with streaks all over the windshield and impairing your vision.

Traditional wiper blades warp - They will also warp in the cold, meaning they do not even make contact with the windshield, leaving all the snow, ice, and water on your windshield.

Winter wiper blades are made a special way to withstand the cold of the winter season. This makes it safer for you, your passengers and everyone around you.

If you would like more winter driving tips or have a concern about your wiper blades, contact Mike Piazza Honda for assistance.
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