Deciding Between Sand, Salt, or Kitty Litter

There are three substances that you can use to gain traction for your car in the ice and snow if you get stuck. They are sand, kitty litter, and salt. All of these items will give you traction on ice and snow, but they all have advantages and disadvantages.

People will carry one of these items, some, or all of them in the trunk of their car and if they encounter ice or snow, they will then use the substances to put under their tires in order to gain traction.

Kitty litter will work, but once it becomes wet, it turns into mush. Salt will melt the ice and give traction, and sand will also give traction. Sand does not melt the ice, but if you get some traction and get unstuck, it doesn't matter. Salt can be caustic in your trunk if it spills.

Just be sure that you carry one of these products in snowy and icy weather so if you get stuck, you can readily be on your way.
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