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Why You Should Have Your Car Washed Professionally

At Mike Piazza Honda we know how important maintenance is for your vehicle. One of the aspects that you may not think about is how cleaning your car is beneficial. Getting your car washed at a professional establishment has a number of benefits. Aside from making your car look great and possibly increasing the resell value of your vehicle, you'll also be protecting your paint, which will keep your car looking good for years to come...

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Some Information Regarding Tire Rotation

Tire replacement can sometimes be a time consuming and expensive task. Sometimes tires get replaced because they have become worn. One of the ways that tires wear unevenly is when the vehicle is steered. When a vehicle is steered, and it turns, its front tires may become worn on their edges. However, the rear wheels don't turn like the front wheels, so they don't become worn the same way as the front wheels...

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